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14.9 - 13.10. 2018

Tezukayama gallery, Osaka, Japan

TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY is pleased to announce the exhibition “Island of Time” by Slovakian artist Lucia Tallová in the Viewing Room. This exhibition marks the artist’s first solo presentation in Japan, in collaboration with Lower Akihabara (curated by Gallery Kogure) in Tokyo which is hosting her exhibition “Time in Dust” from 30th August.Lucia Tallová was born in Slovakia in 1985 and lives and works in Bratislava, the capital. She is known as a prominent leading young artist of the Slovakian art scene.


While employing classical painting techniques with the theme of an archive, Tallová combines paintings, collages, photos, and found objects, and expresses their material and emotional components and delicate themes with her art.

The fantastic tales which Tallová describes are depicted spread throughout her paintings. She combines two contrasting visual experiences, the products of an inhuman industrial society, and eerily beautiful landscapes.This exhibition, “Island of Time,” is a new series continuing from her previously undertaken projects, “Before the Beginning, After the End,” “Archive of Fictional Memories” and “House on the Clifftop,” and presented as a solo exhibition at Tezukayama Gallery.

The center of the exhibition space is dominated by a wooden shelf, an ‘island,’ with various objects gathered by the artist in which people’s memories remain, such as photos, albums, postcards, porcelain, gems, and furniture. These are used as part of the work’s materials and tools, and embellished with black ink, paint, dust, smoke, and darkened horizons, as well as ribbons and flowers as symbols of femininity. While expressing nostalgia and emotion, these works are piled up and set adrift as a store of memories.

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Podporené z Grantového programu hlavného mesta Slovenskej republiky Bratislavy na podporu kultúry 

Ars Bratislavensis

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